6 February 2017

Mr Carver: Update

In response to recent coverage about Mr Carver’s accommodation in the media and online, Brighton & Hove City Council does not accept Mr Carver’s claim that he is ‘trapped’ in his current accommodation.

We have offered him wheelchair-adapted emergency accommodation appropriate to his assessed needs on two occasions. Mr Carver has refused these.

When making such needs assessments, we have a duty to take into account all the written evidence from health and social care professionals that is made available to us.

There is an acute shortage of affordable housing in the city. Accommodation appropriate to his needs only rarely becomes available, and there are many other people in the city desperate for it.

In general terms, it tends to take longer for people to find suitable accommodation when they decline particular buildings or areas of the city.

We understand that Mr Carver is in contact with the ombudsman, and we will of course cooperate fully with any investigation.