20 November 2015

Faith communities across Brighton & Hove stand together as One Voice

Members of the city’s One Voice partnership, that brings together communities including faith groups and minorities to tackle racism and intolerance, met last night following the recent terrorist attacks.

The meeting offered an opportunity for members to talk about the impact recent events have had on the city’s communities and assess how One Voice could respond.  The gathering provided an opportunity to talk about what happened, hear concerns and discuss how communities felt.

The meeting discussed concerns about incidents against Muslim women nationally reported on public transport and Ms Rehman, a recent victim of an Islamophobic incident, called upon the city’s communities to 'support each other to increase safety for Muslim women and all passengers on the public transport’.  She said "I will always remember the woman who challenged my abuser and supported me."

Mahir Chowdhury, the Chair of the Racial Harassment Forum in the city, said: “We will not tolerate hate incidents, extremist perspectives or actions in the city.”

Cllr Emma Daniel, Chair of the Neighbourhoods, Communities and Equalities Committee, said:

“The recent terrorist attacks including those in Paris have shocked everyone and we send our deepest sympathy to all those who have died or been injured in these appalling attacks.

“We’re concerned about the impact that this has had in Brighton and Hove and this is why we held a special One Voice meeting with the city’s faith leaders to see how our local communities are feeling. In these kind of situations communities and individuals could feel isolated or vulnerable so we want to find out how One Voice can respond to strengthen the city diverse faiths groups and minorities.

“Now, more than ever, it is important that the communities of the city stand together to reject intolerance and division. We all place a high value on preserving the diversity and absence of conflict in our city.  As ever, please be vigilant and report any hate incidents you might experience, witness or hear about within your communities.”

One Voice members urged everyone to be vigilant and report any hate incidents you might experience, witness or hear about within your communities.

There are various ways to report incidents:

Sussex Police and Brighton & Hove City Council are asking all residents to report any suspicious behaviour or activity immediately by calling the confidential anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321 or 999 in an emergency

Non-emergency Sussex Police Contact Centre on 101

Find more information here 

You can also contact the Community Safety Casework Team on (01273) 292735 or communitysafety.casework@brighton-hove.gcsx.gov.uk