Where parking zone V is

A full parking scheme in the Hanover and Elm Grove area of the city. 

To see if you are eligible for a permit, please use our find your zone search facility.

How the zone works

In Zone V there are:

  • permit bays that only resident parking permit holders can use
  • shared use bays that can be used by resident parking permit holders as well as people who want to pay and display park
  • pay and display bays with a maximum stay of 4 hours
  • some free parking spaces outside shops and local businesses

What hours the restrictions operate

Please always check the signs on street as these will give you the information that you require at the time of parking.

Restriction Days Times

Permit bays

Monday to Sunday

9am to 8pm

Pay and display bays

Monday to Sunday

9am to 8pm

Shared pay and display or permit bays

Monday to Sunday

9am to 8pm

For all other restrictions please refer to the sign on the street.

Map of the zone

You can see all the zones on this map.

Waiting list 

There is currently no waiting list for zone V.

​​More information

Find out about the Hanover and Elm Grove parking consultation.