Contraception and young people

Although the legal age of consent in England is 16, we educate young people about the law and what this means for them should they decide to be sexually active before this age. 

Contraception, including C-cards, are available to young people from the age of 13 because it's felt that it’s safer to provide contraception than not. This often raises questions for young people and adults in relation to the legal framework.

While giving a young person a C-card we engage them in detailed discussion to assess their competence. At times we may have safeguarding concerns while discussing sexual health and contraception and, although these sessions are confidential, with our priority on safeguarding, we will contact an involved professional and / or their parents. 

Useful reference points

Family Planning Association: Law on Sex

Sexual Offences Act (2003)

Health for Teens – The Law and Consenting to Sex

Family Planning Association: Under 16s – Consent and Confidentiality in Sexual Health Services