The Extra-Mural Chapel

The Extra-Mural Chapel is a Grade II listed building in the Extra-Mural Cemetery, built in 1851, and set far apart from the main crematorium building.

About the Extra-Mural Chapel

The Extra-Mural Chapel can no longer be used for a service before a cremation or burial, or for a memorial service.

"View of the Extra-Mural chapel from outside. The chapel has a steeple and a covered arched area outside the wooden entrance doors."

Getting to the Extra-Mural Chapel

The entrance gates to the Extra-Mural Cemetery are located between Newmarket Road and Gladstone Place.

Please note that the Extra-Mural chapel cannot be reached by car from the Woodvale Crematorium main gate which is slightly further down Lewes Road and shares the same postcode.

"Inside view of the Extra-Mural chapel. a wide aisle leads to a lecturn in front of a stained glass window. Wooden pews face into the aisle on either side."