The Extra-Mural Chapel

The Extra-Mural Chapel is a Grade II listed building in the Extra-Mural Cemetery, built in 1851, and set far apart from the main crematorium building.

About the Extra-Mural Chapel

The Extra-Mural Chapel can be used some days of the week for a service before a cremation or burial, or for a memorial service.

"View of the Extra-Mural chapel from outside. The chapel has a steeple and a covered arched area outside the wooden entrance doors."

Chapel facilities

The chapel has:

  • seating for around 80 people 
  • equipment for playing music from CDs and audio devices, with headphone sockets
  • free parking
  • toilets including disabled toilet

"Inside view of the Extra-Mural chapel. a wide aisle leads to a lecturn in front of a stained glass window. Wooden pews face into the aisle on either side."

Getting to the Extra-Mural Chapel

The entrance gates to the Extra-Mural Cemetery are located between Newmarket Road and Gladstone Place.

Please note that the Extra-Mural chapel cannot be reached by car from the Woodvale Crematorium main gate which is slightly further down Lewes Road and shares the same postcode.

Terms of use:

  • there us no chapel attendant provided by Woodvale
  • if the chapel is being used for a service prior to a cremation, the funeral director or the person making funeral arrangements will still be responsible for transporting the coffin from the chapel to the crematorium after the service. A time must also be booked in either the North or South Chapel at the crematorium for the arrival of the coffin. The regular fee will apply to the booking in the North or South Chapel and an additional 'use of chapel fee' applies to the use of the Extra-Mural Chapel.There is no fee for using the Extra-Mural Chapel if it is to be followed by a burial at a Brighton & Hove City Council operated cemetery
  • a 'use of chapel' fee applies if being used for a memorial service only or if the coffin is then being taken on to a crematorium or cemetery not operated by Brighton & Hove City Council