About memorials in Woodland Valley

We want to encourage wild flowers naturally found in chalkland meadows to grow so on completion of a burial, you will be given a packet of specially blended wild flower seeds to scatter around the cemetery.

Other plants are not permitted and will be removed without prior notice. Individual trees are not available for purchase on graves in Woodland Valley.

You can have:

  • a wooden memorial plaque with a choice of engraving is available to place on the grave - these will biodegrade naturally over time but can be replaced if required
  • metal commemorative bench plaques are also available - situated in the scattering area of the cemetery, each bench can accommodate up to five plaques

Loose cut flowers can be left on a grave however they must be removed from any packaging. Vases, pots, artificial flowers and other ornaments should not be left.

Stone memorials and ornaments of any kind are not permitted and will be removed.


Find out our memorial costs.

How to arrange a memorial

Download the Woodland Valley memorial application form.