Lawn Grave memorials

Granite stone tablets can be placed on lawn graves at Woodvale or Hove cemetery.

About Lawn grave memorials

Lawn grave memorials are available at Hove cemetery.

Lawn grave memorials are rectangular tablets made from polished granite stone, suitable for the burial of cremated remains and long term commemoration.

The tablet size is approximately one foot by one foot and nine inches and tapers from four to two inches.

There is room for the cremated remains of two people to be buried under the memorial.

"lawn with memorial tablets lying on the ground with flowers beside them " "memorial tablet with inscription and vase for cut flowers"

Tablet options

There is a choice of colours:

  • dark grey
  • light grey
  • blue pearl
  • black  
  • red balmoral


 Lettering can be cut into the stone and painted black, silver or gold. Raised lead lettering, painted black, is also available. 

There is room for eight lines of inscription with 22 letters and spaces per line.

Room can be left if two names are eventually intended to be on the memorial. A flower pot is included as part of the memorial.


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How to arrange a memorial tablet

Memorial work can take 12 weeks to complete, with a layout of the proposed wording sent to the applicant before work commences. An interment can be arranged by the grave owner at any time before or after the memorial stone itself has been completed. The rights of ownership are for an initial period of 50 years.

If you wish to choose the specific space for the memorial, within the current Lawn Grave area, please make an appointment. This is not compulsory though and a space can be allocated in the current area on your behalf.

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