Wheels for women

Find out how more women and girls can start cycling.

Reasons to cycle

Cycling is good for everyone, but it is still the case that more men and boys cycle than women and girls. The good news is that this is changing, and there is lots of advice and support in the city to help women and girls get the benefits of cycling.

Reasons to consider cycling:

  • people who cycle are helping to keep the city’s air clean and reduce traffic congestion and noise pollution
  • children with active mums are more likely to be active themselves.
  • cycling is much cheaper than driving, and it can take as little as 3 minutes to cycle a mile
  • in Brighton & Hove cyclists are no more significantly statistically likely to be in a collision than pedestrians.

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Information and resources to help get you cycling

Urban cycling skills video tutorials

Travel and transport – including cycle hire and cycle parking

Advice on How to travel actively and the benefits.

The Living Coast - connecting people and nature to inspire a positive future, today. Includes some great ideas of where to walk and cycle in the Brighton & Hove Biosphere.

Active Travel Infographics - interesting facts and advice on active travel, including traveling actively as a family and air quality.

Cycle Training Courses

Sustrans’ Bike it Lucy - support for girls in Brighton & Hove schools to get cycling.

Check out quiet routes on the city cycle map

If you don’t have a bike of your own try the Brighton Bike Share scheme.

Join FREE women only local bike rides with BREEZE, or send an email to the local ride leaders at hovebreeze@gmail.com.

Brighton Mitre Cycle Club has a vibrant female membership and lots of organised and informal rides. Send an email to mitrewomen@gmail.com.

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Wheels for women
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