About Walking and Wheeling

Walking and Wheeling Week/Month is a city-wide celebration of walking and wheeling for families with young children. It has a focus in particular on journeys to early years settings. We normally run a Walking and Wheeling Week/Month campaign twice a year, every May and October.

‘Wheeling’ includes:

  • scooting
  • cycling
  • travelling in a buggy, bike seat or bike-trailer

In June 2021, our Walking and Wheeling for Clean Air Week is 14 to 18 June and the Walking and Wheeling Month is for the whole of June. These dates include Clean Air Day which is June 17 2021.

Clean Air Day is the UK's largest air pollution campaign. It engages thousands of people at hundreds of events, and reaches millions more through the media.

Our Walking and Wheeling for Clean Air campaign this year will have a focus on how active travel can help reduce air pollution.

Road transport, including cars and delivery vehicles, is the main source of Nitrogen oxide air pollutants. Walking and Wheeling to early years, and for other journeys, is something many of us can do to help reduce these.

Please find some useful basic facts on Air Pollution

During Walking and Wheeling Week, early years settings encourage parents, carers, children and staff to:

  • walk
  • scoot
  • cycle

to their nursery, pre-school, playgroup or childminder's setting.

in 2019 around 2,000 children and their families took part in the campaign at 20 early settings across the city.

Sign up to join in

You can join in or order free resources if you are an early years setting or childminder. The deadline for ordering resources is:

  • For Walking and Wheeling Month: Monday 24 May (resources will be sent out on Tuesday 25 May)
  • For Walking and Wheeling Week: Sunday 6 June (Resources will be sent out on Monday 7 June)

Order project resources for your school or early years setting

Late orders will still be accepted, but your resources may arrive after the start of the campaign.

If you are parent or carer with a child at a pre-school setting or childminder's, please ask your child's setting to take sign up to take part.

Top tips on how to join in

If you drive, and don't live too far away, try walking to your early years setting at least once during the week.

If you need to drive, then why not try 'Park & Stride'? This is when you park away from your early years setting and walk the last 5 minutes.

If you travel by bus, why not get off the bus a couple of stops early, and walk the last 5 minutes?

If you already walk or cycle to your early years setting already, why not 'Park & Stride' for other journeys you would usually make by bus or car

Find resources to download and print

National Clean Air Day resources for schools

This is collection of school resources. Some can be adapted for early years to inspire your setting to help create cleaner air. 

Change 4 Life fun walking ideas

Tips to get walking everyday

Fun games for everyday walking

Fun games for walking games for parks and woodland

More information

If you have any questions or would like further information: