We have prepared an Urban Fringe Assessment (UFA) 2021 update and submitted it to the government. This is part of the evidence base supporting the City Plan Part Two.

The Update was commissioned to:

  • review the conclusions of the earlier Urban Fringe Assessment studies (2014 and 2015) in light of the representations put forward during the autumn 2020 consultation on the Proposed Submission City Plan Part Two
  • re-assess those proposed housing sites where there have been significant changes since the 2014 and 2015 studies, such as the designation of new Local Wildlife Sites
  • take account of new national policy and planning guidance such as the forthcoming requirement for development to provide ‘biodiversity net gains’

You can view the UFA 2021 Update (ED24).
Following the recommendations of the UFA 2021 Update, two modifications to Policy H2 Housing Allocations Urban Fringe are proposed for the Inspector to consider as part of the examination of the City Plan Part Two.

These are set out in a schedule of proposed main and minor modifications (SD02) which was submitted to the government along with the City Plan Part Two.

You can find the document in the Examination Library

The two proposed modifications put forward for the Inspector to consider are: 

  1. Deletion of the housing allocation on land at and adjacent to the Horsdean Recreation Ground, Patcham (site 16).
  2. Reduction of the housing proposed at Land at former Saltdean Nursery (site 46a) from 24 to 18 dwellings.