Utility cargo bikes

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Tern GSD

A bike with modular accessories, making it multifunctional and yet always simple to ride. 

Brand: Tern

Model: GSD

Maximum load: 80kg

Approximate price: £4,200

A black Tern GSD. The Tern GSD is a two-wheeled electrically-assisted cargo bike, with smaller wheels than an ordinary bike. The bike offers a modular design, allowing it to be adapted to both family and business use. The bike’s handlebars and saddle are highly adjustable. The handlebars can be folded down and the bike can fit in the boot of a car.

Riese & Muller Multicharger 

Handling like a normal bike, weighing little, and able to carry a lot.

Brand: Riese & Muller 

Model: Multicharger

Maximum load: 60kg

Approximate price: £4,300

A grey Riese & Muller Mulicharger with yellow front and rear rack. The multicharger looks very similar to a normal bicycle, except with a slightly longer wheel base. The extra length means the bike can be fitted with very large rear panniers in order to carry business equipment. The bike is fitted with suspension to keep riding both on and off-road comfortable.

2 wheeled front-loading cargo bikes

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Omnium Cargo 

Lightweight and agile, with optional electric assist.

Brand: Ominum 

Model: Cargo

Maximum load: 175kg

Approximate price: £2,300

An olive-green Omnium cargo bike. This model of cargo bike, a favourite of professional couriers, comes with or without electrical assistance. The Danish manufacturer have created a cargo bike with the rear end of a normal bicycle. The front wheel of the bike is smaller than usual to allow for a platform that extends out of the front of the bike. This platform is often fitted with a mesh or netting that cargo sits on while in transit.

Ridgeback Cargo-E

Stable and agile cargo bike fitted with the Shimano Steps motor/gear system.

Brand: Ridgeback

Model: Cargo-E

Maximum load: 150kg

Approximate price: £3,200

A black Ridgeback Cargo-E. This eCargo bike has a long wheel base to accommodate an open-top cargo box on the front of the bike. The bike’s front wheel is smaller than usual, giving very precise steering. The bike is also fitted with a stand and uses the Shimano Steps gear/motor system.

Babboe Pro Bike-E

Strong ‘flight box’ allows easy access to goods, while ensuring their security. 

Brand: Babboe 

Model: Pro Bike-E

Maximum load: 80kg

Approximate price: £4,200

A black Babboe Pro Bike-E. This eCargo bike has a long wheel base to accommodate a lockable cargo box on the front of the bike. The bike’s box hinges at the front of the bike, allowing access from the riding position. The bike has a rear rack that also accommodates the bike’s battery. The frame of the bike is a classic, relaxed, step-through geometry with handlebars that sweep back towards the rider.

Urban Arrow Cargo XL 

Comes in a L, XL and XXL sizes with a range of different box types.

Brand: Urban Arrow 

Model: Cargo XL

Maximum load: 150kg

Approximate price: £4,400

A black Urban Arrow XL with a lockable black and silver flight box. This eCargo bike has a long wheel base to accommodate its secure box. The bike is fitted with a Bosch mid-motor built around the bike’s bottom bracket. Urban Arrow’s bikes are modular, with same rear on each model and a range of different bike fronts.

Riese & Muller Packster

Versatile cargo bike with stable handling, adjustable to different riders in seconds.

Brand: Riese & Muller 

Model: Packster

Maximum load: 200kg

Approximate price: £5,300

A white Riese & Muller Packster with a black front box. This bike’s box can be covered with a tarpaulin to keep contents dry, or opened up to hold larger loads. The bike’s box is made of recycled insulating expanded polypropylene, making it very robust and effective for carrying warm/cool cargo.


3-4 wheeled cargo bikes

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Babboe Pro Trike-E

Traditional three-wheeled bike, fit for cargo whilst also easily doubling up as a trade stand.

Brand: Babboe

Model: Pro Trike-E

Maximum load: 100 kg

Approximate price: £2,800

A black Babboe Pro Trike-E. This three-wheeled ecargo trike has two front wheels, making the bike stable even when stationary. The front wheels sit either side of a large front lockable wooden box. A rack is fitted to the rear of the classic style frame.

Butchers & Bicycles MK1E

Trike with tilting front suspension and optional front door.

Brand: Butchers & Bicycles

Model: MK1E

Maximum load: 250 kg

Approximate price: £2,500

A black Butchers & Bicycles MK1-E. This three-wheeled ecargo bike has two front wheels attached to a tilting suspension system on either side of a central box. The advanced tilting system keeps the bike’s loads level and secure and allows a rider to corner confidently. The bike’s front box comes with an optional door to make loading and unloading more efficient.

Gleam Bikes Cargo ebike

High capacity, platform/box configuration, tilting suspension.

Brand: Gleam Bikes

Model: Cargo ebike

Maximum load: 200 kg

Approximate price: £6,640

A blue and black Gleam Bikes cargo ebike. This trike has two rear wheels that support a large rear platform. Each wheel is connected to an independent suspension system, allowing the bike to comfortably lean and ride along steep cambers while keeping cargo secure.

Urban Arrow Tender 2500

Arguably the largest cargo bike available, able to carry two Europallets, this bike can directly replace a van.

Brand: Urban Arrow

Model: Tender 2500

Maximum load: 320 kg

Approximate price: £6,900

A white and silver Urban Arrow Tender 2500. This giant bike is photographed carrying a standard Europallet, with room to carry another. The bike’s two front wheels resemble those of a car trailer. The rear of the bike is identical to other Urban Arrow models, with a classic, step-through frame shape.

Iceni Cycles e-cargo trike

Commercial, heavy duty and fully customisable trike.

Brand: Iceni Cycles

Model: e-cargo trike

Maximum load: 117 kg

Approximate price: £9,695

A white Iceni Cycles e-cargo trike. This trike has two rear wheels either side of a tall lockable container. The bike’s frame resembles that of a rickshaw, giving the rider an up-right position.

EAV 2cubed

Fully covered, four-wheeled van replacement.

Brand: EAV

Model: 2cubed

Maximum load: 150 kg

Approximate price: £9,750

A white EAV 2cubed. This four-wheeled ecargo bike has a covered cab, with a windshield and roof. Both sides of the bike remain open for easy access. Up the rear of the bike is a large container that can be fitted with adjustable shelving.


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Flexi Modal BicyLift

A unique handling system allows riders to lift a palette, walk with it, hitch it to a bike and then ride with it.

Brand: Flexi Modal

Model: BicyLift

Maximum load: 180 kg

Approximate price: £2,200

A black Flexi Modal Bicylift carrying a Europallet. This trailer is specifically designed to lift a pallet full of cargo. It has a mounting arm, allowing it to be attached to the rear axle of any bicycle. The trailer is not motorised, but comes with an integrated braking system.

Carla Cargo eCarla

An intelligent motor system allows this trailer to effectively pull itself, turning even non-electric sturdy bikes into a powerful workhorse.

Brand: Carla Cargo

Model: eCarla

Maximum load: 150 kg

Approximate price: £6,600 for motorised or £4,500 for non-motorised

A yellow and black eCarla Cargo. This trailer has three wheels, two at the rear and one at the front, helping the trailer closely follow the path of the leading bike. The trailer is fitted with a motor housed in a small green box. The motor powers the trailer allowing it to effectively pull itself and any load it is carrying. The trailer is mounted to any bike’s seat post and the mount doubles up as a handle while walking the trailer.