Winter weather

Find out which services are affected by the icy weather and see what we're doing to keep the city moving and residents safe

Gritting and road safety

We grit around 156 miles of road around the city.

We prioritise our:

  • main A roads and most B roads
  • bus routes
  • links to schools
  • roads that lead to hospitals or are key for emergency services

It is important to remember that gritting a road cannot guarantee it will be free of ice. 

Advice and support

Report an issue

How you can help in cold weather

Check on elderly and vulnerable neighbours

Please check on your elderly and vulnerable neighbours to see if they need help with getting food, medicine or care during cold weather. If you know people who are having problems getting services they need, contact our adult social care helpline 01273 295555. 

Find out about protecting the elderly this winter on the Met Office website.

Rough sleepers

We work with homelessness agencies to provide emergency shelter for rough sleepers when the temperature is predicted to drop below 0 degrees Celsius or there is an amber weather warning.

If you are concerned about a rough sleeper at any time, please use Streetlink to get in touch with our outreach team. You can also call on 0300 500 0914. There's more information on our web page how to help people living rough on the street.

Stay up to date

Updates will be posted on this page and on our Twitter account at @BrightonHoveCC