Dropped kerbs and crossovers for vehicle access to a property

Request us to create a dropped kerb to provide access to a property.

You can apply for permission to build a vehicle crossover (dropped kerb) for access to your property. If you meet the criteria and safety standards, permission will be issued with conditions attached.

Your contractor can then apply for a licence to build the crossover. You'll also need to check for underground equipment belonging to utility companies and negotiate with them if it needs to be moved or protected.

If you're thinking of applying, read our driveways and dropped kerbs guidance which explains the key criteria and requirements. The criteria are reviewed and updated periodically.

If you're applying to make changes to an existing dropped kerb don't assume that these will automatically be approved. The existing crossover will have met the criteria at the time it was originally built, and any changes must meet our current requirements.

Apply for a vehicle crossover

Apply for permission for a vehicle crossover.

There is currently a technical issue on the system which requires you to provide your business details, even if you are applying as a resident. This will be resolved soon. 

To continue with your application, enter your own name and address in the sections that ask for your business name and address.

If you need more information: 

Read our privacy notice for information on how we collect, store and process your data.

Vehicle crossover terms and conditions

Read our vehicle crossover terms and conditions. You must agree to comply with these as part of the application process.


Getting a dropped kerb is a 2 stage process. There are separate fees for each stage:

  • the stage 1 fee is £155
  • if you are granted permission for your crossover the stage 2 fee is £464

You pay the fees as part of the application process. Your application will not progress if the fee is not paid. Fees are non-refundable.

You'll also need to pay your contractor to carry out the work to your crossover.

If you require planning permission there are separate fees.

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