Request a road safety improvement

As part of out Safer, Better Streets Infrastructure framework, we're assessing and prioritising road safety improvements in Brighton & Hove

What we're doing to improve road safety

In January 2023, our Environment, Transport and Sustainability committee voted to adopt a new Safer, Better Streets Infrastructure framework for assessing and prioritising road safety improvements in Brighton & Hove. 

We receive lots of requests from residents about road safety. These include concerns about speeding, rat running, cycle safety or perceived collision blackspots. 

This new framework takes into account a range of social factors, such as:

  • the perceived risk to pedestrians and cyclists
  • concerns about speeding or traffic volume
  • local walking and cycling priority areas
  • air quality
  • ways to encourage more active and sustainable travel improvements for mobility impaired people 

Criteria includes:  

  • routes to Schools  
  • access to public transport  
  • reduction of severance, for example routes to local shops or where a residential area is severed by a busy A or B road 
  • pedestrian and cycle collision information 
  • other vehicle collisions  
  • road width  
  • footpaths and cycle routes  
  • street lighting  
  • active travel  
  • walkability  
  • links to the South Downs National Park 
  • rat-running traffic 
  • number of vehicles and pedestrians using the area 
  • identified as a council priority route in Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan 

Read the Safer, Better Streets Infrastructure framework.

How to request a road safety improvement 

Contact your ward councillor to make a new Safer, Better Streets request.

When you fill in the form, give as much information as possible.

Tell us the reason for your request including:

  • the exact location - describe the location, for example, outside a house number or business or at a particular junction  
  • who it impacts
  • if it is a problem at a specific times of day, for example:
    • the school run
    • rush hour
    • weekends