Valley Gardens is the name given to the green spaces that run from St Peter’s Church to the Brighton Palace Pier.

Map of Valley Gardens development

Valley Gardens is the central spine of historic Brighton and is a junction for 3 major traffic routes into the town.

The area extends out to the sea via Brighton Palace Pier and includes:

  • some of the earliest buildings from Brighton's fashionable Regency development phase
  • many of the town's most important listed buildings and open spaces

In the past Valley Gardens was considered an underperforming area within the city, as the area's historical characteristics sat in the shadow of an overly complex transport infrastructure.

Complex junctions and busy roads had created pinch points at key points of the city’s highway infrastructure. This made it difficult and dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists to cross the area. Green areas had become segregated from the city and had become a focal point of antisocial behaviour.

Redevelopment plan

In 2014 Brighton & Hove City Council set out its vision for Valley Gardens, developing a 3-stage redevelopment plan, which would:

  • tackle the overly complex transport infrastructure and isolated public green spaces
  • turn the area into a major gateway feature of the city
  • add to the city’s cultural and visitor offer, encouraging economic growth
  • address the disconnect between the east and west of the city
  • enable sustainable transport throughout the area

Our project area focuses on green spaces and the surrounding roads and footways.

We completed Phase 1 St Peter’s Church and Phase 2 Victoria Gardens in September 2020.

Read more about Phases 1 and 2.

Phase 3 refers to the southern section from the Old Steine to the Brighton Palace Pier roundabout.

Read more about Phase 3.

Future view of Valley Gardens development

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