COVID-19 Resources for the food and hospitality industry

Find helpful guidance and information on COVID-19 safety and compliance in the food and hospitality industry.

What the food allergens are

Find out what food businesses are responsible for, how to tell if they’re allergy aware and what to do if someone has an allergic reaction.

How to keep your food business safe and hygienic

Information for food businesses about how to do hazard analysis to work in a safe and hygienic way.

Reduce the risk of E. coli

Learn about E. coli, how it spreads and what you can do to protect your customers.

Open a food stall in a market

If you run or intend to open a food market stall, find out what food hygiene laws you have to follow.

Food hygiene information in other languages

Find food safety information for businesses in a range of languages. This includes picture-based guidance.

Find food safety guidance

Find the food laws that apply to your business and how to follow them.

Join the Healthy Choice scheme

Our Healthy Choice scheme supports businesses that prepare, cook and serve healthy meals.

Start and register a new food business

You have to register your food business 28 days before you open. Fill in the application form and get help to apply.