Discounts at leisure centres

Find out if you can apply for a Leisure Card to get discounts at leisure centres in the city.

Sign up for free swimming for children

All children 16 years old and under can get free swimming sessions in Brighton and Hove. Find out how to sign up, and where they can swim.

Support from a health trainer

A health trainer can help you make changes to your lifestyle that will improve your health. This could be helping you set goals, keeping you motivated or finding other local support.

Discounts for local activities

Find out what discounts are available for local activities, and how to apply for them.

Improve health and wellbeing in your workplace

If your organisation is in Brighton and Hove, we can work with you to improve your staff’s health and wellbeing at work.

Help to get to a healthy weight

Find out if you’re a healthy weight, how to have a healthy diet and be more active.

What you can expect from local Public Health

Our Public Health team works with residents and organisations in Brighton and Hove to promote health and wellbeing. Our main aim is for everyone to have the opportunity to live a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.