How we can help you to paint over graffiti

How to get paint and equipment for your community or resident group to paint over graffiti in your local area.

How and when we grit pavements

During severe weather our street cleaning teams help clear snow and ice from pavements across the city.

Rubbish, recycling and streets

Report collection problems, request a new bin, ask for a clean-up in a street and information on recycling.

Report a problem that needs cleaning

Tell us if an area needs cleaning and we’ll start to clean it up within 24 hours if it’s dangerous and if not, as soon as possible. This system is not monitored outside of working hours or weekends.

Report a blocked rain gully or drain

Tell us if you find a blocked rain gully or drain and we'll let our highways team know.

What to do about graffiti

Let us know about graffiti on public land and offensive graffiti on private property.

Highway asset management

Our long-term plan for keeping our roads maintained and fit for purpose.