Report rubbish and drainage issues on private land

Find out what you can do about rubbish on private land, what a filthy and verminous property is and how to report drainage issues.

Report an environmental nuisance

Find out how to report a nuisance caused by light, dust, smells, smoke or insects.

How to reduce pollution from bonfires

Find information about the rules around domestic and commercial bonfires, how to make a complaint about a bonfire and safety guidance.

Report a noise problem

Find out what noise complaints we can deal with, what action we can take and how to take your own action.

Busking in Brighton & Hove

Find guidance on how to busk in the city and how to deal with noise complaints about buskers.

Report noise from an alarm

Find out who to report a car or house alarm to, and how to prevent your alarm causing an issue.

How we deal with contaminated land

Find out what types of contaminated land we're responsible for and who to contact if you discover a cause of land contamination.

Find advice for buying a puppy

Find guidance on buying from a reputable breeder, how to make sure your puppy is healthy and how to report puppy farms.

Report food poisoning

Find out about the causes and symptoms and what to do if you have food poisoning.

Get advice on flooding

Find out how to prepare for flooding, check the flood risk in your area and what we're doing to reduce the flood risk in the city.