Property safety and legal advice for tenants

Understand your rights and find out what your landlord's legal obligations are.

Property safety advice for landlords

Find out what your responsibilities are and learn how to make your propery safe and free from health hazards.

Tenant advice for landlords

Understand your rights find and out what your landlords legal obligations are.

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES)

Find out what landlords must do to comply with energy efficiency standards in their rented properties.

How we make sure empty properties are reused

Find out what powers we can use to make sure empty properties are brought back into use.

Bring your empty property back into use

If you own an empty property and are not sure what to do with it, here are some of the options available to you.

Contact us about your private rented housing

Contact us if you need help with a private housing problem, or if you have a question about our private housing services.

How to save energy in your home

Get advice on smart meters, looking after your boiler and other ways to make your home more energy efficient

How to keep your home warm

Get advice about staying warm in your home to reduce the risk of health problems