Report rubbish and drainage issues on private land

Find out what you can do about rubbish on private land, what a filthy and verminous property is and how to report drainage issues.

Apply for an industrial process permit

Find out what an industrial process is, who needs to apply for a permit, and how to do it.

How to reduce pollution from bonfires

Find information about the rules around domestic and commercial bonfires, how to make a complaint about a bonfire and safety guidance.

How we deal with contaminated land

Find out what types of contaminated land we're responsible for and who to contact if you discover a cause of land contamination.

Smoke control areas map

Find out where the Smoke Control Areas are in Brighton & Hove using the map.

Radiation monitoring

Find out about natural and artificial radiation and how different types of radiation are monitored.

Bathing water quality

Find out where bathing water samples are taken, how to report pollution and what the Environment Agency looks for in the samples.