Apply to keep a dangerous wild animal

You need a licence to keep any animal listed in the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976.

Apply for a licence to sell animals as pets

You need a licence if your business sells animals as pets, or if they'll be resold as pets in the future.

Apply for a dog breeding licence

You need a licence if your business breeds dogs, either at home or in a commercial property.

Find advice for buying a puppy

Find guidance on buying from a reputable breeder, how to make sure your puppy is healthy and how to report puppy farms.

Find a registered dog walker

Find a professional dog walker in Brighton & Hove, or register your dog walking business with us.

Report a dog attack

Find out what type of dog attacks you should report to us, and what you should report to the police.

Report a lost or found dog

If your dog is lost or you’ve found a missing dog, report it to the animal wardens and find out how to reclaim a lost dog.

What to do if you think you've lost a pet

What to do if you've a pet that's gone missing in Brighton & Hove and online groups that can help you find them.

Animals and fireworks

Find out what you can do to reduce stress to animals caused by fireworks and find advice if you're a pet owner.