Apply for or renew a Blue Badge

Find out how to apply for a Blue Badge, the documents you'll need and answers to frequently asked questions.

Visitor permits - conditions of use

Read the terms and conditions of use for visitor parking permits. This includes details of the application process, data protection and fraud detection.

Visitor permits

Find out how to get visitor permits, how much they cost, how to use the scratch card and answers to frequently asked questions.

Parking permits

Find out the different types of parking permits that you can get in Brighton & Hove, renew your permit, change your details, and find information about the Parking Permit Centre.

Business permit

Find out whether you can get a business permit, how to apply and information on low and high emission vehicles.


Find out what you can apply for instead of a waiver.

Blue Badge scheme and disabled parking

Find information about the Blue Badge scheme, disabled parking bays and other related permits.

Parking zone information

Find information about the controlled parking zones in Brighton & Hove and find your address on the parking zone map.

School permit

Find out if you can get a school permit, how to apply, how much it costs, where you can park and answers to frequently asked questions.