Report rubbish and drainage issues on private land

Find out what you can do about rubbish on private land, what a filthy and verminous property is and how to report drainage issues.

Report an environmental nuisance

Find out how to report a nuisance caused by light, dust, smells, smoke or insects.

How to reduce pollution from bonfires

Find information about the rules around domestic and commercial bonfires, how to make a complaint about a bonfire and safety guidance.

Report a noise problem

Find out what noise complaints we can deal with, what action we can take and how to take your own action.

Can I take private legal action?

Find out how you can resolve a noise nuisance using mediation or by taking your own legal action.

Mediation - what is it?

Find out how mediation can help resolve issues between neighbours, how it works and how you can access mediation services.