Find advice on construction times

Find out when construction work can take place and how to apply for prior consent for works.

Find advice on acoustic requirements

Find out if you need to submit a report about the noise impact of the area around your proposed development.

How to hold a safe firework display

Find guidance on how to use fireworks safely, including the equipment you'll need, how to keep children safe and the laws you must follow.

Report a noise problem

Find out what noise complaints we can deal with, what action we can take and how to take your own action.

Busking in Brighton & Hove

Find guidance on how to busk in the city and how to deal with noise complaints about buskers.

Report noise from an alarm

Find out who to report a car or house alarm to, and how to prevent your alarm causing an issue.

Animals and fireworks

Find out what you can do to reduce stress to animals caused by fireworks and find advice if you're a pet owner.

Can I take private legal action?

Find out how you can resolve a noise nuisance using mediation or by taking your own legal action.

Mediation - what is it?

Find out how mediation can help resolve issues between neighbours, how it works and how you can access mediation services.