Child employment rules

Employers have to follow rules that say when children can work and the type of work they can do

Apply for a child performance licence

You may need a performance licence or an exemption letter if you're putting on a performance or producing a show.

Pay a school absence fine

If you get a fine, called a fixed penalty notice, because your child missed school you can pay it online.

When children can and can't miss school

When children can and can't miss school and what happens if you take your child out of school for a holiday

What happens if your child is excluded from school

How you'll find out if your child is taken out of school for breaking school rules and what you need to do

How we help children who are too ill to go to school

Our teaching services can help children who are in hospital or at home because of an illness or injury

Tell us if a child is not getting an education

Let us know if a child is not going to school or getting an education at home so we can help them.

Advice for parents and carers


There's a lot that parents and carers can do to support regular and punctual attendance of their children at school. The following tips will help: