Exhibitions and events in libraries

One off events and activities and hiring exhibition space at Jubilee Library.

How to hire exhibition space in our libraries

We have different spaces you can hire in our libraries for exhibitions, or to promote your services.

How to hire a room in our libraries

We have different rooms you can hire in our libraries for meetings, conferences and events.

What to do if you lose your library card

If you lose your library card, go to one of our libraries or phone 01273 290 800 to let us know. You'll need to pay a small fee to replace it.

How to borrow items from other libraries

If you can’t find a specific book or item in our libraries, you might be able to borrow it from a library outside Brighton & Hove.

Fees for library services

It’s free to join our libraries and borrow items. Check how much we charge for overdue books, photocopying and other library services.

Use the computers in our libraries

Library members can use the computers for free for up to an hour, printers for a small fee and scanners for free. Anyone can use the photocopiers for a small fee.