What to do if you’ve received an allotment notice

If you fail an inspection you'll receive a notice, you have 28 days to put things right or we could end your tenancy.

What you can't bring onto your allotment

Chemicals and items that could pollute or cause nuisance or danger on your plot.

Allotment notices

The different notices you could receive and why we issue them.

Water supply on allotments

How to share and use the water supply on your allotment.

Sheds, security and keys to your allotment

What size shed you can have, how to keep your allotment safe and buying new keys.

Bonfires on allotments

What you can and can't burn on your allotment and how to do it safely.

Your new allotment

How to lay out and number your plot, what to do if you find waste on your new plot, and where you can park.