Who can help you with your allotment

Who to contact and how we can help if you have any issues with your allotment.

What to do if you struggle with your allotment

What we can do to help if you struggle to look after your plot, before or after an inspection.

What to do if you’ve received an allotment notice

If you fail an inspection you'll receive a notice, you have 28 days to put things right or we could end your tenancy.

What you can't bring onto your allotment

Chemicals and items that could pollute or cause nuisance or danger on your plot.

Allotment co-workers

How to register a co-worker to your allotment, and request to transfer your plot to a co-worker.


Apply for an allotment, pay your fees, find out how to look after your allotment and where to get help and advice