Volunteer as a group or organisation to help us deliver support to households in need

Find out if your organisation can help to give out vouchers for food, utilities and other essential needs to families experiencing hardship this winter.

Invest4 Business Growth Grants

Get money from the Invest4 grant fund to help your business, find out if your business is eligible and what you can use the money for.

The Communities Fund

The Communities Fund is set up to support local community groups, voluntary organisations and not-for-profit social enterprise. The fund recognises the positive impact of voluntary action enabled by our third sector partners. It is an open, accessible fund.

External funding for community organisations

External funding schemes available from grant giving organisations such as the National Lottery, national or local trusts and central government.

GRANTfinder funding search for local groups

GRANTfinder is a comprehensive and up-to-date database of current UK and EU funding sources.

Grants and funding information from other councils

If you work in the voluntary and community sector, you may find information from Sussex organisations and other local authorities useful.

The Brighton Fund

The Brighton Fund Charity provides one-off awards to residents of Brighton & Hove.