What to do if you get an environmental fixed penalty notice

It’s illegal to litter our streets and open spaces. If we catch someone dropping litter, flyering without a permit or not clearing up dog mess, we'll issue a fixed penalty notice (FPN).

Rubbish, recycling and streets

Report collection problems, request a new bin, ask for a clean-up in a street and information on recycling.

What you can take to our recycling sites and where to find them

There are two recycling sites - also called tips - one in Hove, off Old Shoreham Road and one in Brighton, off Wilson Avenue. They take household waste or recycling, electrical items, garden waste and some DIY waste. Find out how to get access to the sites.

Report waste problems caused by a business

Let us know about waste problems caused by a business. This could be a business using household communal bins for its waste, its bins causing an obstruction or not clearing up customer litter.

What to do about dumped items

Let us know if you see dumped items left in a public place, also known as a fly-tip. We'll aim to collect it within 2 days of it being reported.