Help if you're worried about money

Extra help is available for households in Brighton & Hove struggling to pay for food, fuel and other essential costs.

Volunteer as a group or organisation to help us deliver support to households in need

Find out if your organisation can help to give out vouchers for food, utilities and other essential needs to families experiencing hardship this winter.

Get emergency help with food, energy bills and other essentials

If you need extra help to get essentials you can't live without, our Local Discretionary Social Fund could help

Apply for a discretionary payment

If you already claim benefits and need extra help to pay your Council Tax, home removal costs or rent in advance, our discretionary payments could help

Apply for a Council Tax Reduction

Check if you can get a reduction to your Council Tax and apply online.

Advice Agencies and useful links

If you claim or want help with your rent and/or Council Tax, you may find some of these advice agencies and websites useful.