Report an environmental nuisance

Find out how to report a nuisance caused by light, dust, smells, smoke or insects.

How we deal with contaminated land

Find out what types of contaminated land we're responsible for and who to contact if you discover a cause of land contamination.

Help clean our beaches

Contact us to organise your own group beach cleaning event.

Report waste problems caused by a business

Let us know about waste problems caused by a business. This could be a business using household communal bins for its waste, its bins causing an obstruction or not clearing up customer litter.

What to do about dumped items

Let us know if you see dumped items left in a public or private place, also known as a fly-tip. We'll aim to collect a fly-tip on public land within 2 days of it being reported.

Bathing water quality

Find out where bathing water samples are taken, how to report pollution and what the Environment Agency looks for in the samples.