Recycle your Christmas tree

You can find information below on recycling real and artificial trees, plus a list of our Christmas tree recycling points.

Waste we can't collect or accept at our recycling sites

We don't collect or accept fireworks, petrol, diesel, Japanese knotweed or Ragwort at our household waste recycling sites, also known as tips.

Getting rid of large and electrical household items

About our pick up service and information on how to dispose of large and electrical household items, sometimes known as bulky waste.

Charity rubbish and recycling

As a charity, you may be entitled to free collections or access to our Hove Recycling Site. Find out how to apply.

What you can take to our recycling sites and where to find them

There are 2 recycling sites, that take household waste or recycling, electrical items, garden waste and some DIY waste. Find out where they are and when you can use them.