Survey of tenants and residents 2019

Every few years we ask council tenants and residents their opinion on council landlord services. The results help us improve what we do and help us figure out what to fund.

Annual report to council tenants and leaseholders

Our annual reports to all council tenants and leaseholders on our performance as your landlord.

Homing In newsletter for council tenants and leaseholders

We publish a newsletter four times a year called Homing In, with all the latest news and developments for our council tenants and leaseholders.

Attend the Citywide Conference

If you're a council resident, you can ask councillors and managers about housing issues in Brighton & Hove at our Citywide Conference.

Apply to buy your council home

Get an application form to buy your council home through the Right to Buy scheme.

Fire safety in council flats

Find out how we make our blocks of flats resistant to fire, and what to do if there's a fire in your building

Insure items in your council home

How to insure furniture, carpets, clothes, jewellery and other belongings in your council home.

Council tenancies

Find out which type of tenancy you can get if you apply for council housing in Brighton & Hove

How we invest in your council homes

Find out how we use our funding to improve the service we provide for our council tenants