Payment processing performance 2020 to 2021

Month Total Invoices Total paid in under 30 days Total paid after 30 days Liability of Charges for Late Payments Charges Paid  Invoices paid within 30 days (percentage)
April 17,468 16,649 819 £61,113 £0 95%
May 30,393 29,177 1,216

Payment processing performance

How fast suppliers are paid, invoices are received and how many of those have been paid within 30 days.

Payments over £250

View and search monthly reports of all payments over £250 we've made to external suppliers​.

Finance open data

Transparency about where council money is spent.

Payments over £250 made in previous years

Monthly reports of all payments over £250 we've made to external suppliers from 2011 to 2019.

Staff pay and conditions financial information

We publish information about the gender pay gap and how we provide paid time off for union representatives.

National Fraud Initiative and Data Matching

How we scrutinise council finances and conduct data-matching to catch fraud.

Statement of accounts

Our statutory summary of our accounts from each financial year.