Conservation Areas - street directory

Follow the links below for an alphabetical list showing streets and parcels of land that are situated - in whole or in part - within Brighton & Hove city's Conservation Areas.

Tree Preservation Orders

Find out if a tree is protected. Get information about working on trees with Tree Preservation Orders or trees within conservation areas.

I want to prune/fell a tree. Do I need consent?


Consent is required for works to a tree with a Tree Preservation Order (TPO).  Six weeks notice is also required for works to trees within conservation areas which are over 75mm in stem diameter.  Both TPO consent and Notification of Works to Trees in Conservation Areas are managed by the Arboricultural Team. Contact them by calling (01273) 292929 or go to the Tree Preservation web page for more information.

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How does living in a conservation area affect me?


Conservation Areas are areas identified as having special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which is worth preserving or enhancing.

Planning controls are tighter in conservation areas, although the level of planning control varies between buildings, depending on whether they are listed buildings, single family dwellings, commercial buildings or flats and also whether there is an 'Article 4 Direction' in place. 

Designation Dates of Brighton & Hove's Conservation Areas




The Council is required by law to review its area from time to time and consider whether there are areas of special architectural or historic interest that should be preserved and enhanced and if so, to designate them as Conservation Areas. The following is a list of those conservation areas in Brighton and Hove, their original designation dates and the dates of any subsequent amendments, such as extensions, deletions transfers and subdivisions.

Conservation Areas parcels of land

  • Benfield Barn CA :  Benfield Manor farm Complex (remains of) off Hangleton Lane, including barn and Benfield Cottages : land adjoining 10 Sylvester Way and 38 Hangleton Valley Drive. (see CA map).
  • Cliftonville CA :  Land between : Goldstone Villas, rear of
    1-13 Denmark Villas, Eaton Villas and Blatchington Road. (see CA map).
    Engineerium CA :  Land situated : to the north-west of Woodland Drive, bounded on three sides by the rear boundary of residential property in Nevill Road, Nevill Way and Chartfield. (see CA map).