Leaseholder Action Group meeting minutes

Minutes from the Leaseholder Action Group meetings for council leaseholders.

Annual report to council tenants and leaseholders

Our annual reports to all council tenants and leaseholders on our performance as your landlord.

Homing In newsletter for council tenants and leaseholders

We publish a newsletter four times a year called Homing In, with all the latest news and developments for our council tenants and leaseholders.

Join a Resident Involvement group

If you're a council resident, you can get involved with different groups across the city to help improve the services we provide.

Attend the Council Annual Tenant Conference

If you're a council resident, you can ask councillors and managers about housing issues in Brighton & Hove at our annual conference.

Resident groups

Find out how to join or start a local resident group in your area. Get involved in improving services.

Report a neighbourhood issue

Let us know about an issue in your council estate that's affecting day to day life for you or your neighbours

The Third Sector Commissioning Prospectus

A strategic programme to facilitate investment into key organisations working in partnership to provide services and activities that deliver against council priorities.