Shared Lives

Shared Lives matches you with a carer that you live with. Find out how to apply to get a Shared Lives carer, or how to apply to be one.

Support at home

Support at home from a carer or personal assistant is known as home care. Support from other places like charities and support groups is known as community support.

Changes to your home

If you have a disability or a long term illness or health condition, you might benefit from making some changes to your home, adapting it to better meet your needs.

Equipment to help with daily living

How to get equipment, products and devices to help with everyday tasks like washing and dressing.

Pay for your care and support at home

The cost of care and support depends on the care provider, the type of care you need and how much money you have.

How to get direct payments for care and support

A direct payment can give you more choice and control over the care and support you get.

How to get a personal budget

If you've had an assessment and we can help with your care and support, we'll tell you the amount of money you'll get towards this. We call this your personal budget.

Help with transport and getting around the city

Free bus passes, disabled parking, borrowing wheelchairs, and how to get around the city if you can't use public transport.

Choose the right support or care home

What to think about before you consider a care home, and the types of care homes there are. Sometimes care homes are known as nursing, residential, rest or retirement homes.

Short term support

Short term support can help you after you've been ill, or had a stay in hospital. This is sometimes known as reablement and rehabilitation. Find out about the costs, and how to ask for support.