Replacement or removal of external fire escapes in flats or maisonettes

You must apply for building regulations approval before you start work on replacing or removing a fire escape.

Building regulations customer service standards

What you can expect from the Building Control team and how we can help you with your building work.

Contact Building Control

Get in touch with general questions, tell us your work is starting, or contact your surveyor about your application.

Get copies of building regulations documents and history

How to get copies of documents or request a history search of a property, and how much it costs.

How to apply for building regulations approval

Where to apply, what you need to include, and the process after we've received your application.

Choose the right building regulations application

Building notices are quick and are for smaller, internal changes to your home. Full Plans applications are for more complicated building work. Find out which you'll need.

About building regulations

What building regulations are and your responsibilities on a building project. Find out about the changes to building regulations.