Apply to keep a dangerous wild animal

You need a licence to keep any animal listed in the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976.

Apply for a licence to sell animals as pets

You need a licence if your business sells animals as pets, or if they'll be resold as pets in the future.

Apply for a dog breeding licence

You need a licence if your business breeds dogs, either at home or in a commercial property.

Apply for a licence to hire out horses for riding

You need a riding establishment licence if your business provides horses for riding, like riding schools or donkey rides.

Animal business licensing fees

Check the latest fees and find out how much your animal business licence will cost.

Apply to open a zoo or renew a zoo licence

Apply for a licence to run a zoo as a business in the city, renew your licence or make a change to an existing licence.

Apply to keep an animal for entertainment or education

You may need a licence if your business keeps animals to show to an audience, like at schools or private parties.

Report an unlicensed animal activity business

Find out how to report an animal activity business that doesn't have a licence.

Register for animal feed

Complete the registration form to register for animal feed.