Welcome to Brighton & Hove!

Ласкаво просимо в Брайтон енд Хоув!

Dobro pozhalovat' v Brayton end Khouv!

If you would like to view this website in another language we recommend using Google Translate. We have set the default language to Ukrainian on this link, to choose a new language select the drop down menu at the top-centre of the page.

Yakshcho vy khochete perehlyanuty tsey veb-sayt inshoyu movoyu, my rekomenduyemo skorystatysya Perekladachem Google. My vstanovyly ukrayinsʹku movu za  zamovchuvannyam na tsʹomu posylanni, 
shchob vybraty novu movu, vyberitʹ spadne menyu u verkhniy tsentri storinky.

Yesli vy khotite prosmotret' etot veb-sayt na drugom yazyke, my rekomenduyem ispol'zovat' Google Translate. My ustanovili yazyk po umolchaniyu na russkiy po etoy ssylke, chtoby vybrat' novyy yazyk, vyberite raskryvayushcheyesya menyu vverkhu po tsentru stranitsy. 

We are here to support you and we hope this guide will help you to settle in.  

If you have questions which this guide or your host cannot answer, please telephone us on 01273 293117 (option 2) or email Ukrainian.Support@brighton-hove.gov.uk 

An interpreter is available if you need one.  

Find out who to contact if you have an emergency when our offices are closed. 

What your host provides

You will be living together and it’s very important that you ask questions and agree on how you will manage your relationship. Keep communicating with each other. This is your host’s home, but it is also your home. 

Your host will give you your own room. Your host can only come into your room with your permission. Your host will provide you with a bed and bedding – sheets, pillows, duvet and covers.

Your host will give you access to a kitchen so you can make your own food or cook together. It might be useful to agree mealtimes, either together or separately, so you and your host know what to expect. Your host may provide food, but this is up to you both to agree. 

Please agree carefully with your host what is okay to share, like coffee or milk, and what food they’d prefer not to share. Your host may provide you with a space to keep your own food. 

Your host should not ask you to pay rent. They might ask for a contribution for household utility bills and towards any shared food.

Your host will give you access to a bathroom. If your host is working, they may expect to use the bathroom at set times – check with your host so you know each other’s needs.

Things to agree with your host

It’s useful to discuss and agree considerate noise levels at certain times of day.

You should agree with your host on what cleaning to do.

You are entitled to have visitors to see you. Agree this with your host in advance. Let your host know if you are going to be away for a while, and when you expect to be back.

Your host may expect you not to smoke inside the home, even in your room. You should respect that. 

A carbon monoxide detector should be in your room.

If anything is broken, or if you break anything, please let your host know.

It may take a while for you and your host to settle in and become familiar with each other – this is to be expected. 

Your host will think about what you might need and offer you support. However, they should allow you to make decisions for yourselves.

Your host will be gentle and patient. They will not expect you to talk about what you might have been through, nor will your host expect to take pictures of you. They should respect your privacy.

Your host might be able to use translation tools like Google Translate or Microsoft Translator

Your host will want to introduce you to local services and practical community support. For example, offering to help you register with a doctor soon after arrival. There are some links below that will get you started.

Opening a bank account

You can find advice on opening a bank account from Citizens Advice. 

Several online and high street banks are offering accounts to Ukrainians. Some will be easier than others, so try again if the first one you go to is difficult to use.

You can find up to date information on banks which are easiest to use from Citizens Advice. 

You will need a bank account quickly, so start the process as soon as you are ready.

Registering with a doctor 

You can find advice on registering with a doctor (GP) from the NHS.

Your host may help you to register with their own local doctor (GP). 

This is your access point to all your physical and mental health needs, including specialist health needs. 

NHS dentists are hard to find, but if you can pay you can register with a private practice near you. 

Emergency dentistry should be provided by an NHS dentist near you, or there is an emergency out of hours dentist.

Find information about NHS Brighton & Hove’s emergency dentists.

Emotional support

You can find advice and information on accessing local mental health services on the NHS Brighton & Hove Wellbeing Service support for refugees webpage.

The Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has information on emotional support for refugees.

Barnardo’s has set up a Ukrainian Support Helpline for anyone fleeing the conflict in Ukraine offering advice, practical support and access to therapy. 

English lessons

As a Ukrainian refugee, you can get government funded English classes for speakers of other languages classes. This will probably be around 6 hours per week.

There are many providers of English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) classes in the city but there is no dedicated ESOL classes for Ukrainian refugees yet. 

If you're Ukrainian, have just arrived and would like to learn English, you can get help through our Adult Education hub.

If you have any questions, send an email to AEH@brighton-hove.gov.uk.

Finding a school or college

Find out how to apply for school or college places in the city

Any young adult aged 16 to 25 (including those who will be 16 by 31 August 2022) can get support through the Youth Employment Hub. The Youth Employment Hub can provide careers information and guidance, as well as signpost to other support services. Email youthemploymenthub@brighton-hove.gov.uk or visit our Youth Employment Hub webpages.

Transport around the city

Brighton & Hove buses is offering a month’s free bus pass for all newly arrived refugees. The bus pass covers the area where Brighton & Hove bus services operate. We will contact you about this using the contact details registered with the Homes for Ukrainians scheme. 

Find out about transport in the city.


We will pay a grant of £200 per person through a code sent to your phone. You can exchange this for cash at a Post Office. 

Send an email to Ukrainian.Support@brighton-hove.gov.uk and we will send you the code once we have matched your email with the details we hold.

Claiming Universal Credit

To claim Universal Credit, you will need a bank account and an email address. You will also need your passport or IS116. We’d recommend you start this process as soon as possible.

You can apply for Universal Credit online. You can also phone 0800 328 5644 for the Universal Credit helpline. 

Your local Jobcentre Plus will be able to:

  • verify your identity for your Universal Credit claim
  • help you with an advance payment
  • register you with a National Insurance number (which you need for work)

The Jobcentre Plus addresses are: 

  • Brighton Jobcentre Plus, Windsor House, 30/35 Edward Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 0LN
  • Hove Jobcentre Plus, Boundary House, Boundary Road, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 7HD

Phone your local Job Centre to check there are interpreters are available if you need one. They will also advise you on looking for work. 

Citizens Advice can help to apply for Universal Credit online or you can phone0800 144 8 444.


Your local Job Centre can advise you about transferring your qualifications, and support you with information on work choices and the local labour market.

They can also direct you to information about paying taxes in the UK. 


Find information and advice about childcare and local support for families. Use the online form to send your contact details and they will contact you about your needs.

Immigration advice

Unfortunately, there is a shortage of immigration advice in the area.

Ukrainians seeking immigration advice can visit Ukraine Advice Project UK.

The national charity Barnardo’s has also set up a Ukrainian Support Helpline for anyone fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.

They offer:

  • advice
  • practical support
  • access to therapy

Mobile phones

The mobile phone provider, Three, has introduced a support package for Ukrainians arriving in the UK. You can get a free, 30 day ‘pay as you go’ SIM card with unlimited UK calls and texts and free calls and texts form the UK to Ukraine. 

Virgin Media O2 has removed charges for using data in Ukraine. They will also credit charges for calls and texts to and from Ukraine and the UK. 

Supporting you

Your host may be able to help you with many of the above, if needed, but please contact us if you have questions or need support.

Support with daily activities

If you are disabled or previously received support to do daily activities like dressing or making meals, contact us and we will try to arrange support for you.

Phone 01273 293 117 (option 2) or send an email to Ukrainian.Support@brighton-hove.gov.uk.


You can access books and resources for free at any of the city’s public libraries. Libraries are an amazing resource and a free public space to visit. 

Find your nearest library

Reuniting with your pets

If you are from Ukraine and are seeking refuge in the UK, you can bring your pet dog, cat or ferret without it going into quarantine under certain circumstances. 

Find more information about bringing your pet to the UK from Ukraine from GOV.UK.

Other useful information

We will keep this page updated with the latest relevant information.

You can also read the latest advice on support for people fleeing the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

The government has a welcome guide for Ukrainians arriving in the UK. You can also find answers about the Homes for Ukraine scheme from GOV.UK.

Sussex Interpreting Services also has useful information for Brighton & Hove guests in Ukrainian.

If you have a problem

We hope that you and your host will be able to resolve differences between you. Expectations of each other may be different – it’s important to work things out. 

Your host understands that things may be difficult for you. Your host should never expect you to leave without enough time to organise somewhere else to live. 

If you have a problem you can’t resolve or have any concerns about your safety, phone 01273 293 117 (option 2) or send an email to Ukrainian.Support@brighton-hove.gov.uk.

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