Welcome to the Youth Led Grants Programme 2023 to 2024 published by the Families, Children & Learning Directorate of Brighton & Hove City Council.  

It was agreed at the full council meeting in February 2023 to allocate £80,000 to the Youth Led grants programme. This funding supplements the grants distributed under the Youth Service Grants Programme 2021 to 2025, which focussed on key outcomes for the city influenced by the findings of the Youth Work Review 2020. 

The priorities and methodology of distribution of the additional funding has been co-produced with young people.  

To ensure quality of provision, groups/organisations are being asked to link with one of the current Youth Service Grant Programme (2021 to 2025) Lead Youth Providers who have already been through a rigorous tendering process and quality assurance measures. 


The funding period for round 6 is from 1 July 2023 to 31 March 2024. The programme is seeking bids that offer positive activities for young people, using traditional youth work approaches for young people aged between 11 to 19 (up to 25 if they have special educational needs); that will: 

  1. provide additional informal youth support for young people that will improve their health and wellbeing
  2. increase opportunities for young people to participate in new and challenging experience
  3. increase volunteering and work experience opportunities
  4. support with recovering from impact of COVID-19

Round 6 funding available: £80,000 

The priority outcomes have been identified by young people from a range of youth groups. 

This is the sixth bidding round which will open on the 1 May 2023 and will close 29 May 2023 at midday.  

If you require support with, or would like to discuss ideas for a bid, you will need to contact your chosen Lead Youth Provider by 15 May 2023. 

Bidders will be notified if they have been successful or not by 1 July 2023. The value of individual grant applications is expected to be in the range of £500 to £3,000. Partnership bids can apply for a maximum of up to £5,000.  

For a partnership bid you will be required to explain in the project description how two or more organisations will work together to deliver the project and describe clearly how the resources will be allocated to each partner and what role each will play.

Although there are no restrictions on the number of bids that can be submitted by a group or organisation, we are expecting to allocate funding to a wide range of organisations across the city.

Coordinating youth interventions

A group or organisation bidding for this funding is required to work in partnership with one of the 7 current Youth Grant Programme (2021 to 2025) Lead Youth Providers. This is to ensure existing and new partnerships are strengthened and will allow for a coordinated approach to youth work in the city. To apply you will need to make contact with one of the named providers from the list below. 

Details of providers

Service areaLead youth providersNamed contactPhone numberEmail address
Hangleton, Portslade and West Hove The Hangleton & Knoll Project  Joanna Martindale 01273 706469 
Whitehawk and The Deans The Trust for Developing CommunitiesAdam Muirhead 07772 269761
Moulsecoomb & Patcham The Trust for Developing CommunitiesAdam Muirhead 07772 269761
Central Hove and Brighton Brighton Youth Centre Michael Roe 01273 681368 
Equalities: LGBTU Allsorts Youth Project LtdKatie Vincent 


Equalities: BME Black and Minority Ethnic Young People’s Project Vannessa Crawford 07918 621423 
Equalities: Disabilities Extratime Sam Price01273 

If you wish to discuss these options, contact Tracie James. Phone 07813805875 or send an email to

Eligibility criteria

The following will be key in meeting the eligibility criteria. Your project will: 

  • Benefit young people aged 11 to 19 (up to 25 if they have special educational needs) 
  • Ensure distribution of funding takes into account the geographical areas of the city and groups of young people facing challenges in their lives, particularly around equality issues  
  • Work in partnership with one of the lead Youth Service Grant Providers listed above 
  • Succeed in encouraging participation with the voice of young people being embedded across all work, broadening the area of influence for young people. Your project will have a clear approach as to how young people are involved in and shape the activities and be part of the offer.
  • Operate in a manner compliant with the Equalities Act 2010


The Equality Act 2010 simplifies and strengthens the law around tackling discrimination and inequality. The public sector equality duty ensures that all public bodies play their part in making society fairer by tackling discrimination and providing equality of opportunity for all. It ensures that public bodies consider the needs of all individuals in their work, and the impact of all their functions, when shaping policy, delivering services and in relation to employees. The Equality Duty covers the following protected characteristics and, by association, those who care for them: Age, Disability, Sex, Gender Reassignment, Race, Religion and Belief, Sexual Orientation, Pregnancy and Maternity, and Marriage and Civil Partnership (in respect of having due regard to eliminate discrimination).  

Some groups and communities in the city find it more difficult to have their voices and experiences heard, and therefore may require additional support and resource in order to feedback, participate and help shape and improve local services.  

Read the guidance on the public sector Equality Duty.

How to apply

The council invites applicants to respond to this Youth Led Grants Programme 2023 to 2024.   

This document sets out the requirements and the criteria to be used in the council’s evaluation of applications and provides information regarding how the evaluation process will be managed. 

Send completed application forms to your chosen Lead Youth Provider, as set out in the timetable

Apply for the Youth Led Grants Programme 2023 to 2024.


We reserve the right to amend the timetable if required:

Task Date
Issue of Grants Programme  1 May 2023
Closing date for support/discussions on proposed programmes (if required) from Lead Youth Providers Midday on 15 May 2023
Closing date for bid submission to Lead Youth Providers   Midday on 29 May 2023
Closing date for lead Youth Providers to submit final bids  Midday on 1 June 2023
Notification of decision  By 1 July 2023
Commencement of projects From 1 July 2023

We will aim to get funding agreements out to successful bidders prior to project commencement. 


Step 1 – Requesting support 

If you require support with your application please contact your chosen Lead Youth Provider. 

Step 2 - Preparing your application 

Read through this document before you complete your application. Make sure you are clear on which Lead Youth Provider you are working with because an authorised worker from one of the Lead Youth Providers will be required to sign, agree, and then submit the application. 

Step 3 - Submitting your application 

Submit your application to your chosen Lead Youth Provider.

Make sure you complete all sections of the application in full and with the correct details. We cannot consider applications for funding which are incomplete. . All documents must be sent to the relevant Lead Youth Provider by the 29 May 2023.


Your application will be evaluated by an Evaluation Panel. The panel will consist of young people who will assess how well your application is able to deliver the outcomes, quality criteria and value for money. See the evaluation guidance section for a simple description of the weighting criteria associated with each question. Applications will be ranked by their total score. 

At the completion of this stage the Evaluation Panel will make recommendations on which applications have been successful. 

Notification of Awards and grant agreements will be issued in by 1 July 2023 to all successful applicants. All unsuccessful applicants will receive feedback outlining the main reasons for not awarding funding. This is intended to help organisations to make further improvements, which may lead to a successful application another time. 

Applications will be initially evaluated on quality (100%) and then ranked.   

If multiple bids are scored equally on quality, ranking may also be based on quality per pound of funding, the number of young people impacted by the project and/or the area the project will be delivered in. Multiple grant awards will be issued made up to the limit of the available funding. We reserve the right to award partial funding to projects. 

Quality Evaluation Criteria (100%) 

Scored questions are scored on a scale of 0-5, according to the table below: 

Score Performance Judgement
5 Meets and exceeds expectations  Excellent
4 Meets expectations  Good
3 Meets the expectations in most major aspects, fails in some  Satisfactory
2 Fails to meet the expectations in most aspects, meets it in some  Unsatisfactory
1 Significantly fails to meet the expectations  Poor 
0 Completely fails to meet the expectations  Not to be considered

Scored questions will be assessed by the Evaluation Panel, who will agree on a single moderated score for each question. Scored questions will carry a weighting, as indicated in each question. 

The formula used to calculate the weighted scores for each scored question is: 

Question Weighted Score (%) = (Applicant’s score / 5) x Sub Weighting. 

The weighted scores for each question will then be added together to give an overall weighted score for each submission. 

Question Quality criteria Sub weighting Maximum word count
1 Tell us about the project you would like funded and how it would benefit young people?  50 500
  How were young people involved in writing this bid and how will they be involved in planning and running the activities? 30 200
  How will you know if the project has been successful? 20 100
  How much money do you need and what will it be spent on (please ensure you consider all of the costs)?  Used in ranking bids 100
  How many people will directly benefit as a result of this project delivery?  Used in ranking bids 50
  What area(s) of Brighton & Hove will the project take place in?  Used in ranking bids 50