Census 2011

Find data and information from the Census 2011 for Brighton & Hove.

You can find data and information from the Census 2011 for Brighton & Hove on the Brighton & Hove Connected website.

National Census data and reports are available from the Office of National Statistics.

Census 2001

Following the release of the Key Statistics Tables from the 2001 Census, the Research Unit at Brighton & Hove City Council produced eight topic specific census briefings for the city.

These 8 reports contained some key information and analysis from the 2001 census for the following topics: 

  1. City Profile (PDF 32KB)
  2. Demography (PDF 34KB)
  3. Health and Social Care (PDF 34KB)
  4. Housing (PDF 34KB)
  5. Employment and Economic (PDF 45KB)
  6. Ethnicity and Religion (PDF 31KB)
  7. Transport and Travel (PDF 29KB)
  8. Migration (PDF 29KB)

Where possible comparsion was made with the rest of the South East and the England and Wales average. The team also tried as much as possible to compare the 2001 results with the results of the 1991 census. This wasn't possible for much of the content in these briefings as definitions had changed so much since 1991 that direct comparisons could not be made.

All the census data can be downloaded from the National Statistics website.