ACTive NGOS project in East Brighton

ACTive NGOs is a project involving residents, community groups and public services across six countries, giving people the opportunity to visit each other and look at how people can really work together to make good communities. 

ACTive NGOs - an opportunity to strengthen the great community activity and involvement in East Brighton

East Brighton has many community venues, public buildings and open spaces and the main focus of the project is to ensure that these are used in a way that works for the needs of local people. The project will bring together the people who are responsible for buildings and spaces, with the wider community, it will look at what activities are happening in these buildings, look at how the community can access them and even look for funds to support residents and community groups to create new activities and projects. 

Bristol Estate, Manor Farm and Whitehawk are neighbourhoods with strong community spirit, with a great number of dedicated and passionate community champions. We hope that this project will provide fresh ideas and support for current community champions while bringing about a new generation of active community members in East Brighton. 

What we hope to achieve through the project – the legacy for East Brighton

Getting the most out of spaces in East Brighton

  • East Brighton has a range of strong community spaces with more inclusive and community-led activity

Supporting current and emerging community champions

  • More local residents are knowledgeable and involved in running and managing buildings and spaces  

Creating closer partnerships equals a stronger East Brighton community

  • Local community buildings and spaces working together to:
  • Provide a full offer to residents within East Brighton 
  • Raising awareness of the full offer to the whole community with strong marketing and publicity 

To find out more, view or download our ACTive NGO in East Brighton project information (PDF 705KB)

Get involved

If you run activities, manage community space and support fellow residents in East Brighton, feel you would make a great East Brighton community champion and want to bring fresh ideas back to your community, contact us on

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