Physical activity is an excellent health booster. Being active has a long-term positive impact on health and immediate mental and social benefits. If you took a break from activity during the pandemic you are not alone. 

The uncertainty of the last 18 months along with lockdown and the need for physical distancing made it challenging to remain active. Thanks to the vaccination programme we are now able to revisit some of our familiar activities in a Covid-safe way.

For some of us, the prospect can be a bit daunting, but the benefits of simply moving more are profound. Whether it’s on your own or as part of a group we encourage you to have a go. It’s a good time to focus on staying active or easing back in a way that’s right for you. Any activity is better than non. Did you know simply moving more at home can really help you feel better and stay healthy? 

Active for Life and other opportunities 

The Healthy Lifestyles Team have now resumed many of our Active for Life programmes. These include both in-person and online Active for Life Zoom sessions. We also offer an extensive programme of free volunteer led Healthwalks across the city.  

You can find more information here about:

  • what we currently offer
  • how to access our programmes
  • other opportunities to be active

Staying active at home  

Although it's now possible to be active outside of the home the pandemic has taught us that we can also be active within our own 4 walls There are now lots of online opportunities which can be an excellent choice to do instead of, or as well as, in-person activities. The Healthy Lifestyles Team has resources on our You Tube channel as well as Active for Life Zoom sessions.

For other resources you can try these:  

Stay at home resources for older adults 

Here’s some great ideas and resources to help older people remain physically active and mentally fit: 

Stay at home resources for older children and young people  

Contact us

For more information, contact the Healthy Lifestyles Team on 01273 294 589 or email 

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