How to stay active during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in autumn and winter 2021

Face to face Active for Life sessions and Healthwalks are not running until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience. 

Physical activity is a genuine antidote to the concerns many people are feeling right now. Whether it’s working out at home or getting outdoors for a brisk walk, as we continue in lockdown, it’s more important than ever for us all to try our best to get and stay active.

Being active has a long-term positive impact on health and immediate mental and social benefits. Getting active in a way that’s right for you will also help you cope with the ongoing impact of the pandemic.

Any activity is better than none. People of all ages should try to limit time spent sitting during the day as this can be a risk to health.

Since March 2020, our Active for Life colleagues from the Healthy Lifestyles Team have worked together to share opportunities and resources to help you to stay active from your home, including:

  • tips
  • ideas
  • advice
  • online sessions

Although the team offered some face-to-face sessions as the first lockdown eased, these have now been paused to comply with current government guidelines.

However, activities provided by the team are available online across various platforms. This includes adult Zoom sessions and challenges for children and young people and other content on our YouTube Channel.

We also offer a new Healthwalks World Walking Challenge to follow on from the successful spring lockdown challenge. Find out all the ways you can get involved in the Healthwalks World Walking Challenge.

Make sure what you do is at the right level for you. The opportunities we offer are designed to be accessible to most people, no matter your age or fitness level.