Urgent: iPhone security update for ALL council iPhones

From Wednesday 28 September, IT & Digital will start to deactivate non-compliant iPhones to prevent a security threat recently identified by Apple.

Without this update, critical council data could be exploited.

What is a non-complaint iPhone?

iPhones that do not have the latest 15.6.1 IOS update (or higher) from Apple are no longer secure and are a risk to the council’s data.

From 28 September we will start to deactivate these non-compliant phones.

What you need to do immediately

If you haven’t done so already, you must immediately update your iPhone:

  1. Ensure you're connected to WiFi
  2. Ensure that the handset is connected to mains power – you will need at least 50% charge for the unit to update and have 5GB of available storage space for it to complete
  3. Go to settings (cog) > General > Software Update
  4. Select download/install if prompted (this option may not appear for 20 minutes so please keep checking), and enter your handset passcode when prompted
  5. This process may take up to 45 minutes and will cause your phone to switch itself off/on again during this time
  6. It can sometimes take a few attempts (three or more) to connect and download the update, so please retry if you don’t see it
  7. If you have issues updating your phone, please contact IT ServiceDesk as soon as possible on 01273 29 2001

What to do if you no longer need your iPhone

Because of changes to our ways of working, many staff will no longer need an iPhone. If this is the case for you, please return your iPhone to IT&D.

Some iPhones can have resale value and returning your phone will also remove the monthly cost charged to your team budget. Additionally, we must dispose of iPhones in compliance with environmental and legal legislation.

To return your mobile device:

  1. Go to MyServiceHub
  2. Choose Raise a request > IT Services and Equipment > Mobile Devices > Transfer Mobile Device.
  3. In the ‘additional details’ box please enter:
    - your name
    - phone number of the device you are returning
    - your manager’s name
    - state that you are returning a mobile phone as it is no longer required
  4. Make a note of your Cherwell call reference once submitted

iPhones should be returned to Barts House in person or through the internal mail from another council office. Please do not return devices through the regular postal system.

Place the mobile phone into a cushioned envelope or wrap in bubble wrap and place into a thick envelope to protect it from damage. Label the outside of the envelope for the internal post:

IT&D - Mobile Devices Team
Ref Number: (enter your call reference here).
4th Floor, Bartholemew House
Bartholemew Square

Alternatively, please bring the envelope to the above address in person.

Thank you for helping us keep our data safe.

IT & Digital

Support our security - please shut down your device after work

To help IT & Digital deploy regular security updates which keep the council’s information safe and ensure your device is stable, please continue to shut down your device at the end of each working day.

You can do this by selecting the Windows button > Power > Shutdown.

Security updates will apply the next time you turn your device back on.

Thanks very much.

IT & Digital Service Hub

Updates to Centrex telephone system - action needed

The Centrex telephone system is now end-of-life and will be discontinued by all telecoms providers. We're currently migrating to a new digital system. 

Please note that this doesn't affect Avaya phone system users. 

As part of the upgrade, we need to determine whether certain phone numbers are still in use. 

Please tell us if you recognise any of these numbers using our online form and include any additional details. The form should take no longer than a couple of minutes to complete. 

New handsets

If you have previously used the Centrex system, you should now have received (or will shortly receive) a new Polycom handset. 

Migration dates 

Sites across the city are being migrated to the new system on different dates:

16 September

  • 1 Barrack Yard (ext 1570)
  • 32 West Street (ext 3954, 5061, 5264, 5812, 6161, 6371, 6787, 6797)
  • 67 Centre (ext 3577, 3634)
  • Beech Cottage (ext 5857)
  • Brighton & Hove Learning (ext 4536)
  • Churchill House (ext 4536)
  • Craven Vale House (ext 5761, 5772, 5764, 5763, 5778)
  • Direct Access Hostel (ext 3139)
  • Hazel Holt (ext 3398)
  • Hodshrove Holt (ext 4050, 4954)

What you need to do

On the morning of the migration at your site, support will be available from our rollout team and information will be provided on how to use the phone. 

There may be an outage of around 30 mins while the numbers are being transferred. Your new phone should then be active. 

Please help us with testing the line for incoming and outgoing calls and with ensuring any hunt group lines are operating as expected. 

Further information

If you have any questions, please email CentrexMigration@brighton-hove.gov.uk

Many thanks

IT & Digital

Bank holiday for the State Funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - Monday 19 September

The Government has announced that there will be an additional bank holiday on Monday 19 September to mark the occasion of the State Funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

All staff are entitled to a holiday with a normal day’s pay on the additional bank holiday, with a pro-rata entitlement for part-time staff.

For staff required to work on Monday 19 September, the normal arrangements for bank holiday pay will apply.

Staff who are term-time only will receive the additional day off and will be paid their normal salary. Where their working pattern does not include a Monday, they will be allowed to take the time off at a later date. Where this isn’t possible, they will receive a pro-rata payment equivalent to the average working day hours.

Updated annual leave cards

Annual leave card templates have been updated for full and part-time staff to include the additional bank holiday.

Part-time staff should transfer their current annual leave card information to the updated template, including leave already taken. This will ensure you receive the correct leave entitlement for the rest of this leave year.

Schools staff

School-based staff: please refer to separate BEEM and School Bulletin messaging on recording and pay issues associated with the additional bank holiday.

Further updates on the period of mourning

The council website has been updated with a new section dedicated to statements and other information following the death of Her Majesty The Queen.

You’ll find the latest on:

• our messages of sympathy
• the National Moment of Reflection at 8pm on Sunday 18 September
• council committee meetings
• books of condolence
• flowers and tributes

This is being updated regularly with new information as and when it becomes available.

Best wishes

The Communications Team

Volunteering scheme pilot to help Brighton & Hove care leavers

Each year, council staff can take up to two days’ volunteer leave (full time equivalent) through our Employee Volunteering Scheme to support causes or communities close to their heart.

We’re now launching a pilot scheme where these volunteering hours can include supporting Brighton & Hove care leavers, for example to help decorate and undertake basic DIY or gardening tasks for them in their accommodation.

One of the good things about this pilot is that you won’t just help out them out by decorating, doing DIY or gardening, you’ll also teach valuable life skills to care leavers in the city by showing them the work you do.

This scheme will be massively rewarding as you’ll help care leavers live in a better environment, that they’ve personalised with their preferences rather than more of a blank canvas as well as working with colleagues across all areas of the council.

This pilot scheme is initially going to be available to 15 volunteers across the whole organisation to initially see how well it works We’ll then evaluate the success of the pilot and explore the possibility of making this a regular scheme so if all goes well you might be able to apply in the future.

How we’ll organise the work

The work you’ll do won’t cover work which is the duty of the Housing department to undertake, but could include any other home improvements, alterations or even gardening wanted by care leavers.

Essentially, once care leavers let us know that they need some help with some work that needs doing, we’ll arrange a small working party out of the volunteers that have signed up, and off you’ll go.

It’s worth saying that before undertaking any work you’ll also receive a short training session covering areas such as confidentiality, safeguarding and boundaries to help you feel confident while taking part in this scheme.

Eligibility and how to apply

If you’d like to take advantage of this scheme, or volunteering in work time for another cause, you’ll first need to get prior agreement from your line manager. We’ll also contact your manager to get their view about your suitability to be involved once we receive your request to take part in this scheme.

If you’re a line manager and you’ve agreed for a member of your team to take paid time off agreed through the Employee Volunteering Scheme, you’ll need to record this on PIER.

You can do this by entering the time on the ‘other absence’ page on PIER, selecting the absence category “Volunteering Scheme”.

The employee volunteer scheme is separate to the provisions of the special leave policy and supporting public duties such as volunteering to be a school governor.

If you’re interested in this volunteering opportunity, please email: robert.uden@brighton-hove.gov.uk.

As there’s limited availability for this pilot scheme, requests to be involved will be selected on a first come, first served basis.

If you’ve not had a response within two weeks it’s because we would have already signed up the initial 15 volunteers, but we thank you for your interest in volunteering for this very good cause.

The Learning Gateway is closing - please take immediate action

Dear colleague,

The Learning Gateway will soon be no longer available. Please ensure that you have taken the following actions:

  • please complete any e-learning required by 15 September as this may be unavailable once the system is no longer online
  • make any future bookings of training you need in 2022 by the 15 September
  • download and save your training records / certificates for courses you have attended and e-learning you have completed by the 15 September. Follow our guide to saving your records and certificates
  • you will need to keep a record of your own training after 15 September until a new LMS is available in 2023

When the Learning Gateway is no longer operational, learning will be delivered as follows:

  • mandatory Health & Safety eLearning will be delivered via the iHasco website
  • pre-booked instructor led (in person and virtual) training for 2022 will continue as planned. Staff will need to use the confirmation email to access the Microsoft Teams or Zoom link to access any virtual training. If you are unable to find the link, or need details about the training please contact learning@brighton-hove.gov.uk
  • for courses scheduled in 2023 we will update you once we have dealt with urgent priorities

We will give further information of where you can find the above learning as soon as possible, so please do not contact us to ask about this.

We will be starting to procure a new Learning Management System – if you are willing to do user testing for us, please contact learning@brighton-hove.gov.uk.

Please communicate this in your teams to make sure everyone hears the news

If you have any urgent questions about this, please speak to your manager and, for any urgent queries, contact us on learning@brighton-hove.gov.uk.

Please be patient with us, we may take some time to get back to you as we work on putting a new system in place.

Best wishes,

The Learning & Organisational Development Team

Armed Forces awareness sessions in September and October


If you work with Brighton & Hove residents you're likely to meet members of the Armed Forces community. But do you fully understand how best to support them?

The Armed Forces Covenant is currently being enshrined in law. This will mean a legal requirement for local authorities to ensure ‘due regard’ for this community in certain key areas.

This session, led by Canon Peter Bruinvels, is designed to support this change and increase your understanding of:

  • what the Armed Forces Covenant is and the new legislation
  • who are the Armed Forces Community
  • what challenges they, their families and veterans are they likely to face
  • how can we understand their needs
  • where are the Military in your area
  • how to link with Armed Forces Charities and how they can help

The session will last one hour and be held via Microsoft Teams.

To book your place on the Learning Gateway, select one of the dates below by 15 September*.

*Please note that the Learning Gateway is closing soon and that all bookings need to be made by 15 September to ensure your place on a course.

Share your views on adapted taxi services by 5 September

We're currently running a consultation on hackney carriage and private hire services in Brighton & Hove.

We've developed a more comprehensive and tailored questionnaire for those needing adapted taxi vehicles of any kind.

If you need an adapted taxi please complete the survey.

We need your responses by the end of the day on Monday 5 September. Please kindly forward the link to any others who may wish to respond.

This survey has been open a while but I've agreed with those in licensing that we have one more attempt to obtain a larger sample than the original 23.

Any issues or other thoughts please let me know – call 07976 344254 or email ian.millership@ctstraffic.co.uk. Our aim is to complete the latest review of demand for hackney carriages during early September.

Ian Millership
LVSA / CTS Traffic and Transportation Ltd

​​​​​​​Upcoming young artists exhibition - 3 to 11 September

The Virtual School is very excited to invite you to an exhibition of art work created by young people aged 4-19 from Brighton & Hove who are or have been in care.

The exhibition, titled Upcoming Young Artists of Brighton and Hove, will take place in the Project Space on the ground floor at the Phoenix Art Gallery, Waterloo Place, Brighton. It features the work of all our competition entrants, including five winners of the Virtual School’s recent art competition.

It starts at 12 noon on Saturday 3 September, and runs until 5pm on Sunday 11 September 2022.

Please do share the details of this exciting event with your contacts.

About the Virtual School

The Virtual School is a team of people within Brighton & Hove City Council working with children and young people in care, previously in care or children with a social worker to support them with getting the best educational outcomes they can.

Earlier this year, the Virtual School ran its first ever art competition welcoming all Brighton & Hove children in care, children previously in care and care leavers. Through each piece of art work we got to know a little bit more about our young people, the emotions they're feeling, their dreams and aspirations, their heroes and what inspires them, their favourite toys and what sort of houses and cars they might want them to live and travel in, which animals they love, their perspectives on the universe, among many other brilliant ideas and concepts.

One winner from each keystage was chosen as you will see from the exhibition, but every piece of work here is valuable and comes directly from the hearts of our young people.

We hope that by showcasing the work of this group of young people we will encourage you to be a little more curious about what it means to grow up in the care system.

To find out more, contact the Virtual School:

Email virtualschool@brighton-hove.gov.uk
Phone 01273 293992

Apple device security - urgent action needed

Dear colleague,

If you're a corporate iPhone or iPad user, you need to take urgent action.

Following a major security vulnerability discovered by Apple affecting devices worldwide, Apple have released a critical Operating System update patch, version:15.6.1.

This patch must be immediately installed onto your corporate iPhones and iPads as a matter of urgency. Without this update critical Council data could be exploited.

How to install the patch

Apple operating system updates will only download when connected to wifi. You need to accept the update by entering your handset passcode when prompted.

To manually check and update:

  • connect your device to wifi – either home broadband or wifi in a council building
  • connect your device to mains power – you will need at least 50% charge for the unit to update
  • go to Settings (cog) > General> Software Update
  • select download/install if requested (this option may not appear for 20 mins so please keep checking)
  • enter your handset passcode when prompted
  • this process may take up to 45 minutes, and will cause your phone to switch itself off/on again during this time

If you have any issues installing this update, please contact the Service Hub via MyServiceHub or call on ex.2001

Thank you for helping us keep our data safe.

IT & Digital