When you’ll hear from us

We will write to you to let you know if your child needs an education, health and care (EHC) plan within 10 weeks of our decision to make an EHC assessment.

In the letter we will explain why:

  • we think your child doesn’t need an EHC plan
  • the information you gave us about your child does now show that they need an EHC plan
  • we think your child’s early years setting, which includes childminders, nurseries and school reception classes can support your child’s needs without an education, health and care plan

What happens next

We’ll arrange a meeting with you and your child’s nursery, school or college. At the meeting we’ll use the information from the EHC assessment to put together a plan to support your child’s needs. Professionals call this SEN support.

Check how childcare providers and schools and colleges help children with SEND.

Get advice and support

Contact your caseworker for advice if you disagree with a decision to do with an EHC plan or assessment.

You can also:

More information

Read about EHC assessments and plans on the Amaze website.