When you’ll hear from us

We will write to you to let you know the SEN panel’s decision within 6 weeks of your request for an education, health and care (EHC) assessment.

If an EHC plan is needed, we have 20 weeks from your request for an EHC assessment to create and issue the final EHC plan.

Information we'll need

We will ask for new assessment reports about your child's education, health and care needs.

We will talk to you about the outcomes you, as the parent or carer, your child and professionals want to see for your child. We'll also ask about the support your child needs to help them meet those outcomes.

We will get advice and views from:

  • your child
  • you as the parent or carer
  • your child's early year's provider, school or college
  • health care professionals
  • our educational psychology service
  • our social care service
  • any other person you or your child think may be able to provide relevant information
  • other specialist support providers, such as hearing or visual impairment services, youth offending services or the Virtual School for children and young people who are in care

All of the key information provided from these new assessments will be put into a document. Professionals call this a collation document. 

The collation document has same sections as an EHC plan, and explain all the facts as we understand them. We will send a copy of the collation document to you, along with any reports we received about your child.

What happens at the co-production meeting

We’ll then invite you, your child, your caseworker, a representative from your child’s school and any other professionals involved to a face to face meeting. Professionals call this a co-production meeting.

This meeting takes place within 8 to 10 weeks of you receiving the SEN panel’s decision in writing.

At the co-production meeting we will:

  • check that we have all the right information
  • go through the collation document together and make any necessary changes
  • look at your child’s needs, what they want to achieve in the future and the support they need to do this
  • listen to your views and discuss any concerns you have

What happens next

The SEN panel will use the collation document to help them decide if your child needs an EHC plan.

Your caseworker will let you know if your child needs to have an EHC plan within 10 weeks of our decision to have an EHC assessment.

We will continue to support your child with SEN support.

Check what happens if we decide:

More information

Read more about EHC assessments and plans on the Amaze website.