How Transition Plans help young people

The plan supports you as you grow up into an adult. You’ll get it in year 9 of school if you have an Education, Health and Care plan.

About Transition Plans

A Transition Plan is an action plan young people who have an education, health and care (EHC) plan get in year 9 of school, when they’re around 14 years old. 

It explains what everyone is going to do to make sure you, the young person, get the support you need as you grow up from a teenager into an adult. It doesn’t replace an EHC plan.

We call this transition planning.

How the plan is put together

You, your parents, carers and other people who support you will be invited to a meeting at your school, which takes place at the EHC annual review in year 9.

At the meeting together you will talk about:

  • what you and your parents think needs to happen
  • your education, health and social care needs
  • the support you need as grow up into an adult
  • the support your parents, carers and family need
  • if you need a Child’s Needs Assessment

What happens next

After the meeting your school will put together the Transition Plan and send it out to everyone involved.

The plan will be updated every year and until you leave school at 16 years old.

If we think you may need adult social care support when you’re over 18 years old, we will start planning for that when you’re 16 years old.

What’s in the plan

The plan will include:

  • your views as a young person
  • your parents’ and carers’ views
  • what you need to do
  • what your parents and carers need to do
  • what the professionals and organisations involved in your support and care need to do

Get help and support

Organisations and websites that can provide advice and support include:

More information

Download or read our Transition Planning Protocol (PDF 845KB) for more information about Transition Plans.